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  1. pizza



pico (plural: picos)
  1. Sharp point.
  2. High mountain that ends in a peak.



  1. beak (of a bird)
  2. sharp point
  3. pick, pickax(e)
  4. peak, summit
  5. a bit, a little
  6. In the context of "colloquial|Chile||lang=es": penis.

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Pico may refer to:
  • Andrés Pico (1810-1876), Mexican general, and governor of pre-statehood California; brother of Pío Pico
  • Pío Pico (1801–1894), Mexican politician, entrepreneur and governor of pre-statehood California; brother of Andrés Pico
  • Pico Iyer (b. 1957), British journalist, essayist, and author
  • Giovanni Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494), Italian renaissance author and philosopher
  • Pico, a character created by the comedy team The Jerky Boys
  • Pico, the protagonist of , a shotacon anime
  • Pico, the mascot of the website Newgrounds
  • Pico (F-Zero), a character in the F-Zero series
  • Pico de Paperis, the Italian name for the Disney character, Ludwig von Drake
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